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Research versus Instinct (Gut!)

After years of working on digital/online presence for small businesses, I've come to realize that the art of key words is not what you think or what your "Gut" feeling might be. The truth is, "research" is the only way to truly understand what will get you the results that you want out of your search results. So, here's my thought on this subject below....very good read!!


Going With Your Gut vs Research

Trying or need to find great keywords? This will take an investment of time in researching your online market and watching data about what people are searching for. Because you know and understand your customers well, you should not rely solely on your "gut" instincts to guess what people are using in there Google or other search engine. Basic research such as using keyword searches of what people are actually searching for on Google. You may be shocked to find out that the most popular queries are not the same as the terms you would use to describe your business.  You must take what your instinct is and consider what others who are less knowledgeable of your particular service or product and use those queries in the search with Google. Look at the results. See what your competitors are doing and where they show up. Do this and you may be surprised at what you find....

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