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Is my small businesses Google presence on?

On a regular basis in Hartwell, Georgia and the surrounding areas, we have an opportunity to speak to small business in a variety of business types. Its so fun to do this! We, of course, hear all the time that they just don't have the time to manage there online, digital presence. Who really knows what that means? But, as we talk further, we have come to realize that 20 years ago, a small business is concerned about having their business listed in the "Yellow Pages". But, today, it's no longer "Yellow Pages", is online digital marketing and advertising. The cost of having your online, digital marketing and advertising is the big unknown. Whether you're a "small mom and pop" store or a larger corporation with years of history, it best practice to have your online, digital marketing and advertising looked at by an industry professional. Please don't be offended, you own or manage a business, handling online, digital marketing and advertising is not your specialty.

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